20 common Irish problems

okay so these may just be me, or irish people, or the whole god damn earth or maybe even the universe where all those not yet found aliens live. But let’s talk about these problems that i personally think every irish person has witnessed.

1. Someone leaves the milk out but nobody knows who does it like it isn’t that difficult to open the fridge and put it away, that stuff goes clumpy and sour and i want to eat my rice crispies without the smell of sick lingering in my kitchen after a failed attempt of pouring milk into the bowl.

2. Turn off the god damn immersion such a waste of that prepay power!

3. Potatoes for dinner every single night the pain of sitting down for pancakes, accompanied with potatoes, that might be an exaggeration but still! ma learn some new foods to go with gravy.

4. Didn’t get a juvenile disco ticket they sold out in like five minutes! how unfair like, now we’re gonna have to wait until next month to go? even cliona got one!!

5. The miss pronunciation of our names like don’t get me wrong i understand, cliona saoirse niamh are all spelt weirdly, but the cringe of hearing someone say it wrong is unbelievable.

6. Are you related to anyone in the Ra? HARDLY EVERY ONE OF US IS? plus if we were, would we admit it? no

7. Your irish, why aren’t you ginger? a few of us beautiful irish citizens are ginger, but not all of us:)

8. Tractors blocking the road i’m sorry to all you farmers but you drive like my nan if she were blind and had no legs or arms!

9. Desperate attempts at our accents like you’re an actor please learn how to do my accent if you’re going to even attempt it!

10. sunburn, we have two days of warmth every year if we’re lucky but god do we burn like marshmallows

11. ‘Top of the morning to ya” sorry no i don’t say that, but you can ask my uncle to he’s a leprechaun:) ☘️

12. If there’s no tea …run

13. Us irish just can’t tell a short story “yeah so i got up around 7 then i heard my phone get a notification after that i put on my slippers and noticed that the left one was smaller after that i then began to stand up when i heard a small noise on the ground” bla bla bla bla bla

14. Your mood always depends on the weather and our weathers shite!

15. Oh shite i didn’t thank the bus driver! this is a major problem don’t even ask why it’s just a necessity

16. Too warm to wear a coat too cold not to

17. The tayto vs king crisps argument during sunday shopping 🙂

18. Learn irish for fourteen years yet the only thing anyone remembers is ‘is míse niamh’

19. When you forget to take the bread out of the freezer and it’s too late damn now i can’t have me tayto sandwich

20. None of our names are on souvenirs EVER

thank yous!! xx

here’s two new looks🤗❣️ comment which you rather ? x


Summer hurry

Hey guys, so I’m sooooo stressed rn I’ve so much studying to do for summer exams, but I know it’ll all pay off, hopefully😩 ugh can’t wait till summer. I’ll have a proper post soon!💘

Morning 💞

So I told yous I’d explain everything, well I decided on not doing that. As I’d rather have a different and positive attitude going into school today instead of being upset. So I’m going to have my special K, a cup of strong coffee and go into school happy about the day. See you all later X

12:15am Irish time

Oh my god guys I haven’t posted in forever I feel like yous all don’t even know me now!

I’m so sorry for being so inactive. I’ve been going through a rough patch and I apologize for not keeping up!

I’ve three weeks left in school and after that I promise to be 100% dedicated.

I’ve started counseling over the past month and it’s beginning to changed my outlook on a lot of things in my life, especially the people I surround myself with, a lot of him control me and judge me. Which is unhealthy. But I can’t seem to push them away. Anyway it’s 12:15 in the night but I promise to give you a full explanation for this in the morning. Good night! ❤️💘💞 also here’s new looks I’ve done:


Hey yous, I haven’t posted in forever but I’m back and committed.

So I’ve been in England for the past three days, we did so much stuff. It was a school trip and we went to the London eye, Hard Rock Cafe, wicked in the Apollo, Thorpe Park, Jack the Ripper tour etc. it was amazing !!!

I’ve also been doing a lot of makeup recently.. I’ll share one of my favorites.

Now to the real point of this post.. dating !

So I know dating is never not talked about and everything, but I just wanted to highlight the face that there are sooooo many different types of dating it’s unbelievable😮

Here are the few I know of:

Friends With Benefits

A.k.a FWB

This is when both parties of the relationship understand that they have no commitment involved just a bit of fun in the sheets or whatever hahaha, I think boys would enjoy this one more than girls.

Dating to Decide

The old fashioned name for this is courtship, your dating to decide whether you want marriage.

Casual Dating

This is when a person dates multiple people just to see where it can lead.

The Rebound Dating

This is a distraction, someone who you use to get over the person who just dumped you, they won’t be anything serious but they’re a ‘good distraction’


This might just be an Irish thing, but us teens like to ‘text’ this is when we send kisses and everything like that, cuddle and kiss, but without labeling what we’re doing until we’re sure. We don’t get with other people while doing it either. It’s basically going out without the label.

Miss Me?

Hey yous !! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, schools took over as I’m sure all of you understand.

I’ve my class based assessment in English tomorrow, am not looking forward whatsoever😩 I have complete and utter stage fright, like I feel as though I’ll get up there and faint as soon as I’m trying to say ‘fellow students’

But I’ve been working on my confidence and happiness, trying to have a better outlook on everything. So I decided to give yous three ways to give you a more positive feeling.

1. Drink Plenty Water

Up to two liters a day at least, it gives your skin a glow, less headaches, better feelings in general☺️

2. Spend Less Time On Your Phone

I know, nobody ever wants to leave a phone for longer than a minute. But all of the media, opinions, social divisions and what not are not good for you. They’ll only make you more cautious.

3. Be Nice To Yourself

Dont ever put yourself into a situation in which you will feel upset, ugly, or different. Look st yourself as though you look at your bestfriend. Don’t only look at the bad but always look at the good about yourself, look in the mirror and call yourself beautiful, not ugly.

Top 10 Netflix series’s

Well hey again to you all!

How are yous doing ?

So today i was sitting back relaxing when I realized, I’ve watched way too many Tv shows😩 I need to share my intelligence of the Netflix tv shows to the world!! So here I go☺️

1. The Vampire Diaries

Or as I like to call it, the most amazing Tv show ever made! 😍 there are eight seasons on Netflix every episode worth watching, by far the most amazing love story I’ve ever seen is in this tv show☺️

2. Gossip Girl

This show doesn’t come far behind the vampire diaries for me, it’s a gripping story that leaves you in mystery till the very last episode. Has love lust and hate, one of the most brilliant things to ever be aired on Netflix. Six seasons of happiness await you if you watch this fantastic show😊

3. Pretty Little Liars

God this TV show was my life for 3 Year’s! It still is 😩 such an amazing mystery story, although the final two seasons I wouldn’t be a complete fan of they are still worth watching 😍 there’s death, love, and growing up throughout this show.

4. Reign

Wow this show is absolutely breathtaking, based in the time of Kings queens battles and victories 😍 death, birth, love, hate, marriage, annulments, murder and kidnapping are all features in this perfect show❣️

5. Dynasty

This is new to Netflix but that gripping that I have already watched till the last episode available on there within a week and a half, it’s an absolutely amazing show with a thrilling plot

6. Greenhouse Academy

Maybe this ones a stretch from the ready but it’s still a absolute must to watch, so good, there’s new episodes up and everything!! Don’t miss out on this one😍 it has such a good storyline ❤️

7. Gilmore Girls

This one is absolutely amazing💛💛 I was OBSESSED until the very last episode, the story like with the mother daughter bestfriend relationship is the cutest!!😍😍

8. Heartland

This show is incredible, it has some amazing plot twists and stays a down to earth show, I’d recommend to anyone who loves horses x

9. The Originals

I love love love love love this show!! Perfectly set out perfectly made just god damn perfect, if you even like the vampire diaries you will love the originals 😍 one of my all time favorites !!

10. Once Upon a Time

Fantastic fantasy show😍 based on all the stories from our childhood that we know and love! Honestly enjoy this show so much it’s unbelievable ❤️